About Blakestad

Passionately Managing Risk 

Blakestad is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Our associates have been guiding the financial well-being of businesses and families for the past four decades.  We are an independent agency which means we represent our clients not the insurance companies. 

A lot has changed since we started in 1974, however, our goal to provide the highest possible caliber of insurance and risk management to our clients has remained constant. In 2013, we entered into our next generation of doing business under our new brand,  Blakestad.  This transition is a symbol of our ongoing commitment to our clients, and the exciting future of our company.  We are passionate about helping our clients manage risk and find the best value for their specific needs. To learn more about our beliefs and the way we do business, make sure to visit our Immutable Laws page.


  Our Immutable Laws  


Buying insurance sure isn't on my top of my fun list, however it is extremely important to my business. Working with Blakestad Phenow truly has been a pleasure. They make recommendations that work well for me rather than trying to sell me what makes them the most money. I feel that I can trust them.
Matt K.
Owner of the Growler Magazine
Beer Dabbler & Beer Dabbler Store
Our company owns 9 golf courses and have been insured with Blakestad and Phenow for over 10 years. The service and response time with claims has been prompt and outstanding. Larry and Jerod are always attentive to our needs and work with us closely to keep our coverage in pace with our growing business. Their premium and rate structure has allowed us to reduce our premiums over the years, while providing better coverage.
Greg S.
President of Wilson Golf Group
We recently faced insurance renewals on several fronts including property casualty, general business liability, worker’s comp, and vehicles. Blakestad Phenow approached us about shopping our insurance needs to their underwriting markets. We figured there was no risk in doing so and let them take a crack. Wow! The results were impressive…. They did a deep dive assessment of our needs and in the end they were able to get us more coverage for less premium dollars. A real win/win for us. The entire Blakestad Phenow team was a joy to work with and we found Jerod really knows his stuff inside and out. They have won our business with good, hard, professional work and we highly recommend other companies use them when reconsidering their insurance situation.
Steve H.
Go-Float, LLC
Blakestad Phenow followed a professional and systematic process in providing us with the best solution for our commercial insurance. We compared with 3 providers and they stood out from the others in their ability to deeply understand our business and present a logical, affordable, no-nonsense package.
William K.
Corporate Art Force
Selecting Blakestad Phenow Insurance as the agency for my personal insurance needs has been and continues to be a great decision. From the start, each associate I have communicated with has been professional and knowledgeable. They take a personalized approach, getting to know my needs and exposures before offering their services. Working with Blakestad Phenow Insurance gives me the confidence that I have the protection needed for my personal insurance needs.
Michael P.
Urbandale, IA
Blakestad Phenow is the first firm who took the time to understand my family’s risks and advise me of my options.
Dave C.
Minneapolis, MN
We are grateful for the work your company, especially Karen Hawkinson, does to keep our insurance needs in line with our ever-changing business requirements. Our business is currently in a growth pattern and being able to keep up with our insurance needs, whether it's for a new project, expansion of our location or additions to our staff or equipment, is important to us at Distinctive iron. The assistance we get from Karen allows me to be confident with our coverage, and when it comes to audit time, together we have done our due diligence so there are no surprises! That's a good thing - Thank you for being part of our Team!
Cynthia H.
Owner/President of Distinctive Iron, LLC.