we are passionate about helping our clients manage risk and find the best value for their specific needs. To learn more about our beliefs and the way we do business, read our immutable laws below.


We are advisors. We uphold a fiduciary responsibility requiring us to protect our clients and their best interests. We educate and inform our clients. We will not earn new accounts by simply being cheaper. We will not talk poorly of our competition or engage in any activity which puts our reputation at risk.

We are advocates. We represent our clients, not insurance companies. Our clients will always know we have their best interest in mind and they will trust us to guide their financial well-being. 

We know our clients better. We ask better questions and will learn more about our clients' needs and find better solutions for them. We will always be transparent.

We will GIVE... Always. We will give our best to our clients, communities and families, and we will do this because we desire to give, not because we expect something in return. In the words of author Bob Burg, "Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment." 

Our associates must have a positive attitude, a willingness to serve, desire to learn and take responsibility for their actions. We will not make excuses, point fingers or allow negativity to creep into our organization. Our employees will have a passion for their profession, their clients and our company. 

We may not be for everyone. Some clients will not fit into our culture. This is... okay. We want clients who understand us and value the service we provide. We will choose not to work with people who do not share our ethical and business values. Every minute wasted on someone who does not share our values is a minute taken away from someone who does. 

We have fun. We will make work worth looking forward to. We will enjoy our time with our clients, our carriers and each other. Our business is business, but we will not hide our personalities. We are not insurance "stiffs" speaking a technical language. We are individuals in a business of relationships. 

We work together. We will bring out each other's strengths and we will leverage those strengths to make our company better and our clients' lives and businesses better.